Casual Dining Use Case

Restaurant Increases Impact of Media with Custom Universe


Provide a layered and innovative approach to planning and buying TV. Complement Network TV coverage to promote family friendly atmosphere across 436 locations.


Research indicated that women make the decision to purchase. There are 11 million Women 25-49 inside 5 mile radius around 436 locations, compared to 97 million Women 25-49 across the entire US.

Choose cable systems that target areas. Apply Scarborough local data to the programming options on cable systems located within 5 mile radius.

Same Out of Pocket Cost: Targeted Impressions Boosted by 11,858,423


Only 12% of the national campaign reached potential target audience inside the target area (5-mile radius).

Recapture 88% of wasted impressions outside of target area, increase media weight within geography and among W24-49. Cable was chosen to broaden reach, increase frequency and efficiency.


TangoGEO finds the audience. More Info
TangoRED sees what & when they watch. More Info
TangoBUY empowers buyer negotiation. More Info
TangoDASHBOARD uncovers opportunities. More Info

Nationally Scaled, Targeted TV Reduces Media Waste Around Multiple Retail Locations

A national view of 436 locations can be handlied as easily as three. Locations can be grouped by franchise, region, state, zip code or address.

Sales data applied by DMA shows higher indexing DMAs in red. Tremendous waste of budget at the DMA levels.

Franchise w/ Multiple Locations

Create Custom Geo-Target

Pinpoint the Correct Systems

Targeted Coverage

Reduces Waste of the Whole DMA

Traditional 2 Full DMAs


Using a layered approach to TV Coverage, Centriply analysis found that 120 of the 436 stores would be best covered by Spot Broadcast. The other 316 stores benefit from a Targeted TV solution.

By intersecting geography, programming and cost of media, the Targeted TV approach added 3 times more impressions for women within the 5 mile radius.

Reallocating the appropriate portion of overall TV spend into Targeted TV resulted in 11,858,423 more impressions to the Women 25-49 target audience.