Health Use Case: Allergy

Allergy Targeted TV can Drive OTC Brand Sales


Create a Targeted TV campaign to increase OTC allergy medication sales as the conditions migrate across the country.


Maximize TV impression delivery to allergy sufferers during the early weeks of geographic alert stages.


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Centriply Produces Impression Values 7 Times Greater than the Average


An environmentally triggered Targeted TV plan produces impression values that are almost 7 times greater in value than the average.

Extend reach to allergy sufferers at the most valuable point of action the onset of the "Alert" cycle.

Oppurtunity to benchmark geographic client KPI's for pre/post campaign studies.

A Weather Trigger Plan Increases Impression Value to the Target Audience to 7 times the National Average

Affected population increases steeply in weeks 1-3 of the alert period. We recommend 4-6 week flights per market to cover the pre-alert phase (3 weeks) as well as the peak consumption period (1-3 weeks).

The beginning of the alert cycle has the most value because that is when allergy sufferers determine their brand preferences.

They generally don't delay their purchases and they typically buy medication in volume.

Spring allergy season migrates across the U.S. over a 5-6 month time period (January-June).

Regional "Alert" duration typicaly lasts 6-10 weeks.