Retail Use Case

Retailer Increases Impact of Media Impressions by 68%


Increase year-over-year sales performance for 72 stores in 8 DMAs. Maximize television share-of-voice versus competitors. Create media efficiencies based on store locations and market potential.


In-store purchases still account for 90 percent of customer transactions, so increasing foot traffic is crucial. The client’s consumer target is W25-49 within a 10 mile radius of franchisee locations. These trade areas account for only 27% of all W25-49 in the 8 DMAs.


Applied sales data to Targeted TV plan to intensify the effectiveness of the retailers message to the consumer targets in areas directly surrounding each store location.


In the future, consider supply chain management and seasonal activities to focus TV coverage in areas of greatest consumption or support areas in need of increased awareness.


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By Using Targeted TV the Wasted Coverage of the Traditional TV DMA (black outline on map) Can be Refocused to Increase Targeted Impressions

The Targeted TV solution delivered 68% more targeted impressions than a full DMA plan.